WoW Classic – Will TBC Classic Will Be Announced At Blizzcon Online?

WoW Classic players are wondering if The Burning Crusade Classic release will be announced at Blizzcon Online and the answer is most likely yes. For the past year, we had several indications that Blizzard is considering TBC Classic servers release. It all started with a poll asking players how would they like to transition into TBC from WoW Classic. This was the first clue. At that point, it wasn’t clear if Blizzard is just testing the waters or a TBC Classic release is underway. We also had a rumor about Naxxramas coming to WoW Classic in December and TBC Classic coming to PTR in March/April 2021. The bit about Naxxramas proved to be true. Another TBC Classic questionnaire made it clear that Blizzard is seriously thinking about TBC servers. We are quite sure that more will be revealed in the following weeks.

Blizzcon Online will take place on February 19-20. The event is normally held in November at a physical location in California but the pandemic made that impossible. Instead, we get an online event and this is not necessarily a bad thing. For starters, the show will be free to watch for everyone. Up until now, only the opening ceremony was free. Not to mention that attending a live Blizzcon event is very hard, if not impossible for fans outside the US. Blizzcon Online 2021 can be watched on the official Blizzard website and on several streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. The show will feature six channels, each corresponding to a Blizzard Entertainment game. If you miss the live show, you can watch it later as it will still be available. Keep in mind that all the announcements covering new game releases are made during the opening ceremony.

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