Don’t Fall For This Linkedin Jet Pack Scam

What types of content are doing well for them? However, this doesn’t discount the fact that they are already in your profile and, at one point, we’re interested in who you are and what you do. If you’re using LinkedIn Premium, you’ll automatically get a list of people who have viewed your profile for the past 90 days. Since they are already familiar with who you are, it makes it easier for you to connect with them. Make sure their highly relevant to the industry that you are specializing in. Join as many relevant LinkedIn Groups as you can make sure you can be active. You also want to make sure that you increase your exposure. This doesn’t  allow you to create new products, but it also allows you to tap into other niched-out markets, increasing your exposure.

But, this is not  about increasing your popularity or exposure. Since they are available to everyone and are even indexed on search engines, you get access to people commenting and interacting. Recall that LinkedIn allows you to target people by company name buy linkedin followers and job title. Theoretically, you could run one campaign aimed at a single individual with a high lead score. Say you recently lost your job. LinkedIn Groups are not as powerful as Facebook Groups, but they can help you drive followers. LinkedIn Groups are great for building communities, but there’s another hidden benefit that can help you drive traffic. The following are the default formulas in the Follower Counts By Industries table. If they were already on your profile but didn’t connect with you, it means something came up.

You can upload videos to either your business page or your profile. You get to open a conversation which can later translate into an excuse to add that person as a contact on LinkedIn. A lot of opportunities may open up for you to expand and grow. Add links to YouTube videos in your posts. Don’t  publish external links! So, when you post external links, LinkedIn will punish you by not rolling the content out to as many people as possible, as they want people to spend as much time on the platform as possible! CoSchedule found that the best time to reach people on LinkedIn is when your target audience is on a break during a workday.